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politics should move us some distance tort debate and decision making on the hardest probms we faces a couny. it at we're getng from our politics right now. if we're not getting it now, when are we going to get it? have a great night. tonight, paul ryan finally realizes that mitt romy is the worst thing that ever happened to him. we're exactly six weeks from elecon. >>ctly six weeks away. >> and he touched down in ohio. >> ohio. >> ohio. >> ohio. >> romney, ryan, romney ryan. >> there we go, all right. >> does he have any. i come back to number thr. >>ne aik. >> if we don't run chris christie, romney will be the
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nominee and he'll lose. >> it is a big day in the big apple. >> president obama is in new york right now. >> america wants to resolve this issue through diplomacy. >> there was president obama giving a speech. >> icceppe aoio mfuinveay. >> then there s mi rney. >> the few words from bill clinton can do a man a lot of good. >> if he's going to double down on that 47, that will cause difficules. >> wait a couple of days for er spot. ne. >> i can appreciate your kind words. >> when i was a boy i used to think that becoming rich and becoming famous would make me happy. boy, was iight.
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>> yeah, he said that. with just 42 days until the presidential election and with a new poll showing mitt romney's path to the presidency raply narrowing, paul ryan is radly reizthe el h way to becomg the next losing vice president candidate. so he is desperately trying to avoid the stench of romney. yes, the stench. that is what paul ryan is actually calling mitt romney, according to politico. reportedly he has been marching around the campaign bus saying things like if stench calls, take a message. and tell stench i'm having finer sandwiches with peggy noonan and will text him later.
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today paul ryan campaigned with the stench in ohio, where the stench is trailing president obama by 8 points. 's got one new idea. he has one thing he did not do in his first four years which is to raise taxes. >> look at that worship in paul ryan's es in that shot. >> among likely ohio voters prenamad no republican has won the presidency without winning ohio. this map shows the results of recent battle ground state polls. the "washington post" notes y,madswilyio lning his more electoral votes. while mitt romney campaigns against president obama, his staff is busy campaigning against the polls. >> look, ohio, there's still 42
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staff is busy campaigning against the polls. >> look, ohio, there's still 42 days to go. were itherby sch de mn rrn oh. we trust our internal polls. i don't make any campaign decisions based on what i read in t "washington post". >> needless to say romney's staff would hap to get into lly onaythication whathei had a poll showing mitt romney winning someing but they obviously don't have any such polls. rush limbaugh's audience is of course distraught about what the polls are telling them. but rush is ready with an explanation for all the t udofrse e fo newsoll owinpresent obama with a significant lead.
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>> the purpose of the people right now, most of them doing these polls, they're trying to make news, not reflect it. they're all democrats. they're all liberals. s .oin ysi they want you thinking it's over for what you believe. and that makes you stay home and not vote. that's what they're hoping. that's why you have to fight it every day, stephan. >> the 47% of the american people who mitt roey decided mp friwhhed lie about in a thought only his super rich friends were listening have now taken over the presidential campaign. >> what he said is not my job to worry about these people. well, whose job is it? ladind gtl, were brother's keeper. we are one nation under god. we are all in this together. and if the 47% doesn't make it, the country esn't make it. >> in tonight's nate silver
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>> in tonight's nate silver updatef the new york times blog fraufts that on november 6th president obama will wen 312 vos d mitt romney will th25es hha ofniaskeckp to 80%. joining me now is krystal ball. senator turner it's all about ohio. we keep saying no return has every won the presidency without oh. what is your sense of the prident's lead in ohio right now? it seems to be just outside the margin of error. w lncio cenle t t and we celthat by the frequent visits by the president here and by governor romney. his team trying to make up for their 40%. you know, republicans have a
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problem with the 40%. here in the state of ohio, our governorncidon't need your people. we got governor romney talking about he don't need those people and the last time i checked we were we the people. and that's who the president is fighting for. we the pple in eye yoe, we the people in wiscsin,e oplell aoss isnt goornes al actlwho he is and we've got to believe that he doesn't care about the 47% in this nation. >> watching the romney-ryan romance come apart in such an ugly way, the stench. i mean, here's another quo fr pic after paul ryan showed a werpoint presentation to a crowd in orlando on saturday. the romney campaign was furious but ryan reportedly said let the ryan be ryan and let the stench be the stench.
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>> he didn't really say that, did he? >> the politico, they have people in the field. >> first oall, i will have you ow tre'sothi thafi up a crowd like a good powerpoint presentation. so kudos to paul ryan. it's kind of funny that mitt romney wouldn't embrace the powerpoint more. since in massachusetts he was t whbotothoint guy and bught medicare solvent under me which i guess made it so. paul ryan realized this was not a go move for his career. he was theeriousuyl th pe whoo fa eqlewa tok him as someone who is putting forth smart solutions. now we see the emperor had no clothes. >> and joy, the commentators who are criticizing mitt romney for not being specific on part of
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his tax pl, on the deduction sidef his tax plan. this is exactly what paul ryan is guilty of. paulyan knows that hang out with mitt romney has exposed him w,y'otinis at paul ryan, because romney is the big name at thhead of the ticket. but ryan knows this is hurting his game in a big way. >> yeah, i mean absolutely knhainerce apintshe young gun, he knows they're going to close. that's what this kind of feels like. it's sort of a corporate nightmare for ryan because at the end of the day paul ryan was supposedly ts s ern'd ny buhe had this idea that look, m the guy who's going to make conservative specific poliies palatable because of my style.
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and i'm the guy that can serve the specifics of the conservatism to the electorate. if you were to get expect, this race would be even more of a gap between romney and barack obama. tprenamlea look at this new in the swing states. >> when mitt romney dismissed 47% of americans for not pulling their weight, he attacked millions of hard working people making 25, 35, $45,000 a year. ad tprent amleas in t swi ss. >> when mitt romney dismissed 47% of americans for not pulling their weight, he attacke maki 25,5, $,000 yeaking pple they pay taxes, romney paid just 14% in taxes last year on over 13 million in income. almost all from investments.
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instead attacking folks who work for a living, shouldn'te stand up for them? >> senator turner, it looks like the obama campaign just had to combine the story of monday of last week with the story of friday last week to get what may be the most devastating ad to run inhio yet. >> it is, lawrence. and wanto sham romney has realed exactly who he is. and i've got to feel congressman ryan probably feels like he's in a shot gun wedding right now. it's hard to be a partner of the default candidate. ma know mistake about it he's the default candate. it's not going to change the fact and ohio is not only leaning towards president obama we are right there with president obam we're going to make sure that we deliver thstate of oo ju asdi 2anlp president make history again. the president is standing up for all folks and he doesn't have to say one thing before wealthy donors and another thing before
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poor and working and middle class folks. he is about building from the ddle aaksuha everybody has the opportunity to live their measure of the american treem. we will know the tree by the fruit thatt bears and the president has been bearing righteous fruit to make sure that america is for everybody. >> that is a good point about because the truth is t didate. republicans, it's not like they had someone who was better to choose from. what are you going to do with gingrich or santorum. some of these people would be behind by 30 points at this stage of the game. ann romney, we're going to do a littleime avel now. e g hou wh ann romney is going to say an hour and a half from now on "the tonight show." it's a little magic we can do here. >> and whawas it that made you so angry? >> i will tell you jay, that four years ago it's a hard thing tothesaleihe wife and having to listen to
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this stuff all the time. four years ago i made a videotape. and on the videotape i looked in the camera and i said, mitt, this is for you, sweetheart. i'm never doing this again. >> oh, really? >> y >>here's the perfe political wife. she knows how to lie with the best of them. if there was ever a candidate who was absolutely going to run for president again after lose tg in the republican priries last time, it was mitt romney. this guy was running from the d watoteheopped out st time. had to draft us into doing this again. >> they had to really twist our arm. it strains -- it's absolutely o.'s oe gsle at all. mitt romney has been running for president for so many years. and yet still it seems like he keeps having to say oh, now is the time when the american people are really ing to get
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to know the real mitt romney. we've had years to get to know this man and i think to senator eroiohs th ad about the comments. the reason it's so damages is because they already know that's who he is. the "washington post" had an article about how many undecided voters in ohio. >> even if there was no reinforcing imagery to romney. if hhad ttveinelse riin cig j think when you really listen to those words, they are absolutely devastating no matter what he d sa befe orer >> yeah, and where he said it. in ohio with the jobs being in the auto industry. when he said let destroit bankrupt. the biggest irony in what he did is hexpod thalit class here are people like him.
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and he and his wife they wreak of entitlement to the presidency. that's the problem with sending ann out here. r saying you should be lucky to have mitt romney as the candidate. e ase enemthherder working man never does. i think that's the biggest problem. >> we'll have to wrap it there. thank you all for joining me tonight. >> thank you. coming up, mitt romney and president ama went to the clinton global initiative toda karen finney. and control of the united states senate could come down to missouri. the only person standingetween crazy republican congressman tod akin t unistes tecl mce who could get rupert murdoch to pay for an attack? there's only one person who could do that and that person has made me money for rub earth murdoch than anyone else working for rupert murdoch.
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mitt romney tried to get a clinton bounce today by attending bill clinton's global inittive, but mitt romney was followed at that event by president barack obama. we'll showou bl ton d esident obama again on the stage next. and tweet your guesses about who could get rupert murdoch to pay for an attack on mitt romney and voter suppression laws. the answer will be in tonight's rewrite. whatever you think about his gehe most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day!
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tax return, he's given substantial money to crity. he might want to talk about that today. >> that was bill clinton slyly reminding the country about mitt romney's tax returns. about 30 minutes before romney took the stage at the clinton glob iniativin y ci mitt romney did not talk about his tax returns at the clinton event today, but hillary clinton did when she spoke there yesterday. >> one of the issues that i have been preaching about arod the uie erxe a especially from the elites in every country. you know, i'm out of american politics, but it is a fact that around the world the elites of every countrarmaking money. there are rich people everywhere. and yet they do not contribute to the growth of tir own trs. >> she is so good. at being out of politics. she's so out of politics. bill clinton double underlined
1:21 am
that point today on "morning joe." >> i thi it's woh pointing ouatth cries in the oecd, the group of well theier nations, only chile and >> i think it's worth pointing e , grofl f the 33 countri in theier nations, only chile and mexico take a smaller percentage of their income in taxes that we do. it's wor pointing out that if you have a lot of money and you earn only capital gains, you pay 15%, which is radically lower than the rates that any other advanced society. >> when bill clinton introduced mitt romney at the global initiative today, mitt romney ooth, byevealing that absolutely somewhere, deep down, the man actually has a bit of a sense of humor.
1:22 am
>> if there's one thing we've learned in this ection season rds from bill clinton can do a man a lot of good. i'otdo iwait couple of days for that bounce to happen. >> unfortunately for romney's bounce, this afternoon, president obama attended the same event and was introduced th way. >> i am violating prol to because if you're an american citizen and you introduce the president you're supposed to say the president of the united states and shut up. that's it.
1:23 am
i just want to make e comment abouthis. nto finish that speech i started in charlotte. >> president clinton, thank you r yourery kind introduction, although i have to admit, i really did like the speech a few weeks ago a little bit better. afterwards somebody tweeted that somebody needs to make him secrety ofxplaing in prenin yre tireless, passionate advocate on behalf of what's bt in our country. i am grateful for your friendship and your extrrdinary leersh. oining me now is karen finney and e.j. cohen. he's also an msnbc political
1:24 am
analyst. e.j., you've been around a while, you can figure these bounces. what kind of a clinton bounce is mitt romney going to get? he told a good joke. that's a big surprise that he could do that. there should be some bounce, right? >> first of all, i think hillary clinton got a great bounce for 20 of e sh ansout the way clinton keeps rising in the polls. mitt romney actually gave a pretty good speech at the clinton global initiative. he had a sense of humor, he talked autelping the poor, which struck me at least as a lot better than that 47% speech. he was actually quite specific, and you know, i think in t end, obama gets thbounce reeneverlion appears othe
1:25 am
but clinton is so popular right now, particularly among swing voters, that even a few pictures with clinton might take a little bit of the edge off obama's advantage. not much, but a little bit. so it was a smart thing fohim to do. etistoill inton on cnn a short time ago talking about mitt romney and his 47% comment. >> i think if he's going to double down on that 47% remark, that will cause difficulties causwe kw thhe overwhelming number of those people work and have children. until the current election seas, republicans and democrats supported both the child tax credit and the earned income tax credit. this is jectn asly more than three decades of bipartisan policy to support work and family. it's not a bunch of free loaders.
1:26 am
>> karen finney, the 47% are still controlling everhour of is presidential campaign now. >> indeed. but i've got to say one thing about the idea of the bounce. because a couple of days from now with the romney team yet again has not calculated, we'll all be talking about how not even bill clinton could save mitt romney. i have no doubt in my mind. but yeah. me pdeli, . president obama comes from somewhat humble beginnings. he understands the 47%. he understands that sort of lack of respect that you heard in art.ey'soice and h peoe and guess what? he's the guy that the obama campaign is going to send out to talk to that 47% and remind them why they should be voting for president obama rather than governor romney. i agree with e.j., it was a decent speech fr governor romney. yst urinro's got eug
1:27 am
>> it's interesting that on the day mitt romney was apairing at bill clinton's global initiative, bill clinton did more anti-romney media in one day than he has done since the convention hes hen thisorni. >> we know what governor romney says, which is that his proposal for dealing with the debt is first to make it bigger by adopting another round of tax cuts. hetso defer until after the election saying what the specifics are. i think that ought to be a little bit of a red flag. mp yusntlif yore the obama intio go on and on. >> he's continuing his role as a math teacher, which he is pretty good at. you know what struck me though? en clinton was speaking earlier.
1:28 am
thrnnctaed which has an ugly name, was one of the really good deeds of the clinton administration. he really boosted that up. and if you rember classic clinton rhetic, it was always about people who work hard and rdhe inyesle in he and so again, i think that clinton's gift for obama is he has a way of explaining what for most people are complicated and distant issues and bring them back down to earth, which is why you're right. they should keep the global initiative going. >> thanks for joinin. >> thanks. >> coming up, rupert murdoch has funded an anti-mitt romney video. o could get him to do that? the answer is in the rrite. llheand late rosio dson and we'll talk about the voter registration drive today and the other issues facing the campaign.
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this is big news.
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today crazy republican congressman todd akin made it tacaiser he will not op out claire mccaskill. senator mccaskill joins me next and she'll tell us what to expect in the fight for control of the united states senate. and, here's a hint about who got rupe murdocho pafor ckmiomanos republican voter suppression laws. which of these men has made the most money for rupermurdoch? bill o'reilly, sean hannity or hor simpson. the swerths cl americans are always ready to work hard for a better future.
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there's other people that want to replace you with someone else. i don't believe that that is really my decision. the decision was made by t voters of the state of missouri and i have one purpose going into november, a ts reinaiccll >> soon after, the legitimate rape candidate todd akin announced he was not dropping out of t race, senator cire mccaskill showed just how much todd akin has to answer for. >> todd akin in his own words. on march 18, 2011, he said he didn't like social security. on september 3, 2011 he said medicare was unconstition ensae s to abolish the minimum wage. said he would eliminate student loans. and on august 19th he said only some rapes are legitimate. whatill he say next? >> i'm claire mccaskill and i
1:37 am
sorw knho you're running against. >> i do. finally, we know for sure. aeru rithmbertodd akin on the he resisted all that republican party pressure, all the national republican party pressure, romney pressure, tget out of this race? >> i really wasn't. todd, think, seethis race as itstf, isoayis and i think he believes that this is a race that he was chosen to run by the people of the state. and i think he began this whole process very cmitted. and you have to remember, this
1:38 am
akin in this race. >> people like myself who have asked to akin to get out of the race are doing so because we vehemently disagree with what he sa andelie irtr party and i think it's damaging to women. >> senator mccaskill, it leaves me wondeng what a republican like mitt romney would do in the ballot box on the senate race in missouri if he was a missouri w w g tve lot of republicans helping us in th race. we will be rolling out an organization, republicans for claire in the coming days. we have already had, i've got kit bonds, former chief of staff, i've got somebody who woed on saraten's
1:39 am
campaign, who have come to us sand aid somebody who is capable of moderation. i shi that this long list of things that that ad referenced is just a partial list. this is somebody just a handful ofembers of congre to te against a registry for sex fenders. to vote against the child nutrition program. to vote against the center for missing and exploited children. so he ally is somebody who i think the re missonsrn about his record, and they really didn't know it, lawrence, before this incident. they will realize this is not who they want speaking for them in the united states senate. one republican who is still in todd akin's corner. newt gingrich. >> i have occasion said pretty dumb things in my career.
1:40 am
my wife still occasionally looks at me and saysunar colony? and i get it. but if saying something dumb disqualified you, joe biden couldn't be vice president. >> senator mccaskill, are missouri voters willing to forgive todd akin for saying e e fferent degrees of saying something dumb? >> well, let me just say this. i don't think the problem is what todd said. the problem is what todd believes. that is really thessen of th race. what are his believes. and his belief s, i believe, honestly his beliefs would be painful for missourian families. the families in missouri that in be better next year gs are than they were last year.
1:41 am
families that are working hard and playing by the rules and want to be treated fairly in every way in their lives. and this is, todd akin is somebody who, you know, gave a speech that the hate crime legislation was going to create hatred. and those kinds of views are what i think is really the problem here. nowhat he said, t wh he ev >> senator i've addressed this on this show before. i think a lot of voters who vote in solid blue states like new york, when they see democratic senators gathering in washington, they wonder why they don't all sound exactly alike on every issue and the truth is office you come fromifferent places. what i've learnetonit by your ad, about these other things that todd akin had said, i had no idea he had said, i had no idea just what you're up against running in that state against a republican like todd akin who right now is polling at about 45% of the vote.
1:42 am
>> he has a lot of dedicated volunteers. and he has a very broad base of support in the home schooling commity, in the far right evangelical base of the republican party. mike huk huckabee is also on his team. missouri is always a close state. we have about a third, a third and a third. of republicans, democrats and pets i'm going to run this race just as i would no matter who was on the other side. lots of energy, long days, very little sleep and with a real plea for people to come to claire and volunteer. we g tn ras hard as we know how because there is so much at stake. >> thank you for joining us
1:43 am
tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up, ros dawson jme and you should have by now figured out that the man in tonight's rewrite is, yes, homer simpson. that's right, homer simpson in the rewrite for the very first time. a crash management system and the world's only tridion safety cell which can withstand over three and a half tons. small in size. big on safety.
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and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. [ male announcer ] good choice business pro. good choice. go national. go like a pro. some of the republican officials who have been ide. irtsvoter eligibility laws that are designed to exclude legally eligible voters have been very plain in what they are trying to do. >> voter i.d., which is going to allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania, done. ar bstatrepublicans have found the number of illegal voters to be less than 1/10 of 1%. and that's what republican say it is, so it's actually probably lower thanhat. but the best case republicans can make is less than 1/10 of 1%. that's the best they can ce up th d tevce,
1:48 am
colorado's secretary of state says quote we have real vulnerabilities in the system. by vulnerabilities what they obviously mean are voters incled to vote for predent obama. republicans think that one easy way of targeting those voters is by aiming their voter suppression laws at black and latino voters who poll overwhelmingly in support of e rblpuanobama. voter is of course the white male voter. mitt romney leads president obama with white males 58 to 34 in the latest numbers from gall. indeed if you listen to the romn campaign long enough, it unds like it is targeted exclusively to white males who not so long ago were the only people allowed to vote in this country.
1:49 am
raising his voice against the republican voter supprsi mes,alop rupert murdoch. that's right. staunch republican rupert murdoch who wants every republican to win every election is paying for the latest attack on mitt romney and republican voter ppreion laws. 'shte rert murdoch who pays bill o'reilly's salary and keeps sean hannity spewing hatred of the president every night is now paying for an attack on mitt romney. rupert murdoch is being forced to pay for the latest attack on mitt romney and republican voter suppression laws by meone who has made much more money for rupert murdoch than bill o'reilly and sean hannity ever could. in fact this person has made more money for rupert murdoch than anyone else. so rert oct'is nd wve want to do or say.
1:50 am
rupert murdoch's biggest money maker is of course homer simpson. and even homer simpson can figure out that republican voter suppression laws are n meant to stop white guysike homer. >> oh, man. not another election. why do we have to choose our leaders? isn't that what we have the supreme court for? >> if yore going to vote, b'vvere m some photo i.d. life. >> stopping all americans from voting is the protection of americans. >> i'm a 40-year-old white guy who didn't go to college and gets his news from monitors at gas stations. >> in you go. barack oba, don'tnow. i already got one wife telling me to eat healthy. mitt romney? i hear he wears magic under pants. i expect the leader of the free world to go commando. plus his horseotally choked at the olympics. on the othanhe dnv
1:51 am
obca >> thank you, you have voted for mitt romney. the government paid him taxes ve got to tell the press. >> you are now being outsourced. >> i hate being sucked into tubes. at least i got a steady job. [ ow
1:52 am
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>> this is the march of our time. marching door to door registering people to vote. marc eonu t the polls every single election. this is the sit-in of our day.
1:55 am
sitting in a phone bank, sitting in your living room calling everyone you know, your fries, your neighbors, that nephew you haven't seen in a while, tt class ma you haven't spoken to in years, making sure they all know how to register, where to vote. every year, in every election. >> that was first lady michelle obama at the congressional black caucus saturday night calling on the audience to get out to vote. today celebritietook to soci media and activists took to the eth saes f voter registration day. in 2008 about 6 million americans didn't vote because they missed the registration deadline or didn't know how or where to register. voters in e crucial battleground states of colorado, ohio and florida have just two more wks left to register to vo. joing me now, one of the organizers of the national voter registration day, rosario dawson.
1:56 am
how do you get the message out to unregistered voters, i would assume they're kind of hard to reach by definition. >> yes. and that's why it was really necessfor, younow,n std iov year ago, that we needed as many rtnerships as possible to reach out. so people lly grass roots wise were ing to be le t reacout eoe anshow whad 1200 partners across the nation, we had 900 events. it was incredibly powerful. we weren't on the ground everywhere, but it was an opportunity for us to use social media. imagine martin luther king on twitter. it a real thing of the we're seeing a lot of people they get gistered and they mark it on facebook, thr friends register it becomes this domino effect because people are aware and it's really powerful. >> i want to get into your
1:57 am
expertise th the latino vote. there's this huge gap, huge advantage to president obama. alou hale time, but it's so big that it can't be something that's just happening in this campaign. >> well, latinos are not a monolithic voting block. so they're very issue oriented. and i think there's a lot of conversation around immiation, ateadibi ly, jobs, hlth care. of people, voters across the board and making them choose very distinct sides. and when you're talking about cutting social services and people who are drowning in underwater loans, they tend to be affected by these issues from the economy and especially they're getting heated up around immigration. and i think you know obama did something with deferred action that brought a lot of people in the latino community on. but also there was a reasowhy i end joing -opho
1:58 am
joined from arizona and went all the way to the dnc because deferred action doesn't help everybody nd they're hoping for a real promise of the dream ac passing and comprehensive immigration reform. even with the latinos going over tomaidhe d it with a bit of chagrin. though people are making a lot of talk, they want to see some real action. >> i want to take you to another area of your action, which is v day. you'ren thboar rig? >> yes. >> nd awe just had claire mccaskill on. she's running in missouri against a guy who said that there's a thing called legitimate rape and thmale dyas the ability to prevent pregnancy. you might expect to hear that kind of thing in some other country. this is missouri, this is in the
1:59 am
middle of the united states senate campaign. can you believe that's where we are? >>s ag: r brown was banned from speaking on the floor after said the word vagina. i love saying that word. it's a great word. but you know, and we end up havi within da, waable do and show up on michiganteps and perform the vagina monologs. in small communities everywhere people are hurting. those types of comments have been going on a lot. that's what's going to be interesting about this election. in the last election obama put out one twter. this election people are going

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